.NET Fiddle is the most advanced online compiler. It allows you to create, run and share your code online.

You can create a Fiddle using different project types such as Console or MVC and then use it to ask or answer a question on Stack Overflow, embed examples on your blog, or even make your school homework!

What’s a Fiddle?

Fiddle is an online ready coding environment. It allows you to write, compile and execute code without having to install anything locally. Unlike snippet, it is not a fragment of code but rather a complete program which facilitates collaboration and sharing without having to worry about environment settings.

Why should I use .NET Fiddle?

.NET Fiddle offers some unique features such as:

What’s supported?

Language Supported:

  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • F#

Project Type Supported:

  • Console
  • MVC
  • Nancy
  • Script

Compiler Supported:

  • NET45
  • Roslyn